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A field of energy flows in our body and surrounds us. This energy is referred by many names as aura, qi etc and plays a very important role. Energy component is another component of physical body. Remember, Einstein’s theory e=mc^2 where energy = mass.

“In everyday process, our energy field is constantly reflecting, absorbing, projecting and even deflecting the energy of everything around us”.

Energy field can be weak or strong, vibrant or lethargic and even sticky or smooth and can cause blockages, pain, diseases, mental illness, etc

Energy healing therapy is a miracle and an Indian system. Healing Therapy sessions restore physical, mental, and emotional health. Energy healing involves working with the energy of our body. It uses the energy of the human body to bring the body back into balance so that the body can begin to heal itself. It can treat physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

Clearing, reenergizing, empowering, balancing and calming one’s energy field is a really powerful, proven path to healing. Energy healing therapy is a powerful approach to wellness.

A study in 2013 revealed that just ten minutes of energy healing equaled the same effect as physical therapy in offering patients a range of mobility.

Participating in any activity that makes you more aware of your body, the energy surrounding your body and how your body connects with your mind and emotions can support good results. Energy healing is being seen as a positive treatment by medical professionals because they recognize the importance of healing the whole body instead of just one portion of the body.

Energy Healing is beyond the limit and overcomes the limitations of Pranic/Reiki healing. It is not based on colours, crystals etc or any physical/imaginery objects. Scanning can be done for even intricate parts of the body and problems can be pin pointed, healed through almost 6-7 techniques.

Distant and Physical Healing are done at nominal charges with appointments.

Courses are conducted at 3 levels.


Counseling and Psychotherapy helps to achieve greater clarity and heightened understanding of oneself and the situation, which helps to work through any problems or issues that one might be struggling with

Holistic counseling and psychotherapy are approached from a body, mind, and soul perspective.

Throughout the counseling process, understanding and support are provided in a confidential, private and caring environment. The sessions are interactive and totally confidential.

The process may include creative drawing (primal painting), visualization, story writing, meditation, breathing or movement which is entirely dependent on individual circumstances and needs.

The whole process helps to come over

The sessions are absolutely on prior appointments

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